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Matthew 'Iceman' Chrobak, Archie Easter (Archnemesis), Roman Melnyk (IZoman)
Daniel 'Jester' Mora, Daniel Ward (Aries)

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::June 10, 2008 8:10 AM Iceman::

This is it. Our last day to really accomplish anything and compile everything we have done this quarter. I am going to revise the GDD and MDD one last time and make new PDFs for those. I'm going to have Archie do all of the video capture for our different in game mechanics that we have attempted or done. For the rest of the team, we just need to get everything you have worked on, and bring it all together. If you have any in engine stuff, give it to Archie. If for some reason there is new and more models and concepts, give them to me (Iceman) so that I can add them into the MDD and GDD. And that is it. We have done what I hope is enough to get our game to continue into the next class. It was good and an experience working with Team Juggernaut. Thursday, everyone needs to be here by 11:00 AM so we are ready to present at 12:00 PM without delay. That is really it as far as the class goes; hope to see you all next quarter.

::June 3rd 2008, 8:10 AM Iceman::

Well we are basically on our last week guys. Here is what we are going to do. As a team we haven't worked the best, but work was done, just not enough to complete a cohesive level on top of learning Hammer and Source. Importation is out of the question now, it was actually two weeks ago, but I appreciate the determination. But here we are, the last week, and we hardly have any working mechanics! Well as far as now, class hasn't began yet, so hopefully we got more than I think. But if we do not, this week, EVERYONE will be working in source trying to get our mechanics working. This is what we need to accomplish if it is not already done.

-Have enemies follow paths and following the player.
-Triggerable sounds and triggerable events.
-Attempt to create a creepy atmoshpere.
-Have major boss enemy follow player AND attack guards.

This is what we need to do this week. Now we all can't try to work on the same thing either, we have to assign or distribute what we are working on. Unless some of this is already done, it looks like each person will be working on one task. Each one of these mechanics will be FRAPSed into a video and this will be the best way we can show off our mechanics. After all this is Prototyping and as long as we show off what we designed to do, it is still a prototype and we hopefully we have good enough examples to have our game to push on into next quarter.

June 1 , 2008- 5:30 AM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
Still wont gimme a QC file . Importation is officially out of the question. we shoulda tried unreal, ill play with it, see how that is.

May 28 , 2008- 5:30 AM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:

Oh man dudes , importing is so rough, if its this hard might as well try unreal. so many people have this problem, on forums sum have taken 2 years to do . I tried everything on the paths, installed scripts, shelves, script commands. The only problem im getting is that when i export its not creating the "QC" file i need to compile everything,if i don get this I cant make an MDL file for the character, Im gonna bring what i got. Im going to try it at skewl one more time, who knows might be my machine which i doubt. and after that if i cant I will try the Xsi import , that way we can just replace the character sin the game itself.
-there is also the alternative of exporting the source file from hammer.
- And there is also that Maya 7.0 thing Danny mentioned.

I havent tried these 2 yet. see u all in class.

::May 28, 2008 3:25PM Iceman::

Well, it has been a while since I last posted, basically Thursday. Like usual, nothing on my part got accomplished over the weekend because of work and a random Memorial Day Party. But anyway, we have only a little over a week left and we have lots of work to do. Jester, i know you have been working on importation, but at this point, unless you have got it right, we need to focus on other aspects of the game. Archie told me he basically figured out paths, so that is a relief. I am getting closer to figuring out triggerable sounds. And once we incorporate those two together, we will be close. So tomorrow, we will just work, talk about what each of us knows and let others know how to do these things. I desperately need to update the GDD and MDD, so I will do that first thing.

May 28, 2008 11:30am <^Aries^>:
I don't know too much about the Half Life engine using source, steam and hammer cause I haven't used it that much yet until I get to use somebody's account because I lack having a computer to use at home but I heard the easiest way to get models to import from Maya into Half Life is to use Maya 7. That's what the advanced class is doing. It might be a different way but that's how our school knows how to do it.

May 27 , 2008- 5:30 AM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
first things first, posted main chick concept on the concepts page saturday.
Planning on using a day off today , This thing is eating me . Plus i believe these next weeks are lab time in class , and i hate those computers so i rather use mine,. In my research in importing crap i have come to a comclusion. Importing is a lot of crap, maybe not hard but its alot of stuff.

1. I have learned that its easier with xsi but i have not used it, although we can import stuff from max, maya and other 3d applications to xsi , xsi is able to easily rig and weight a mesh close to half lifes rigs. it also bakes the maps into a file altogether.
2. I did not find much about exporting models from source.
3. I did manage to get 60 % of importing a mesh from maya to source, but its coming up with a problem because i have a mistake somewhere in my directories. so i still have to figure that out.

Post any research u guys have . I gotta do some sleep, financial aid and a paper. tootles

May 21 , 2008- 5:30 PM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:

Sounds good juggerboss. I have halted the rest of the texturing for the other models, I have 2 sorta finished and i say good enuff to start testing on so im entering the technical aspects of this now, if we don't learn how to import then whats the point of having 20 or even 30 complete models. I got a tutorial video ill bring tomorrow, it shows how to bring a model from maya to hammer, i haven't messed with hammer much so im still following basic tutorials, ill see what i can do . if its a bitch rigging our characters were gonna have to look into the exporting hammers rigged stuff.

::May 21, 2008 5:07PM Iceman::

Well we really didn't meet today, but it is ok, I couldn't be there very long anyhow. I just hope that any modeling tweaks are finished by tomorrow. We are technically behind, we have no or hardly any progress on the following: Enemy Sound Recognition, Triggerable Sounds, Mesh Importation, Custom Mesh Animation. Starting tomorrow, everyone needs to get Archie's most up to date map and begin messing around with it, trying new things and such. We only have two weeks for the most part and we have a lot of work to do. I will continue to mess with different lighting and trying to get sounds to work correctly. I also got to update the MDD and the GDD this weekend as well. I will post this here and will remind you all in class. We need a updated concept of the female character and of the Creature Boss. With those, and the new model pics, I can update the MDD fully to where we are now. Hopefully tomorrow we can accomplish a lot and get caught up over the weekend. We have Monday off so you all should dedicate a good portion of the day to messing with the editor so we can have a lot of progress done for Tuesday. I will be working with JP Monday, so hopefully I can learn stuff from him towards what we are trying to accomplish.

May 19 , 2008- 4:30 PM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
were meeting today ? i cant meet today , i made plans since 3 weeks ago for the arch enemy concert. im skippin, im not even at home right now. If anything i ca show u all what i got in my flash drive, its not the latest but its all i got. imma post em on flicker and maybe put a "file here" the way matt put the MDD here, hopefully it takes binary files. The only complete one i have on my drive is flesh. i got my comp but my files are in my jiggabutt drive. so ill post the flickers and then try to send the mb.along with the normals and texture. i had problems with the normals. later ill try to import him to source, if we cant get the normals on well have to work with low res ones.

Nevermind., the color maps are too big to upload here, i put in the chick model so far, and flesh, if u guys need models to test importing.

May 15, 2008 9:55PM <^Aries^>

I posted the slug model I did and the head of the scientist model I'm doing on the flikr. Getting kicked out so I can't finish what I was doing tonight cuz it's almost 10.

::May 15, 2008 10:22AM Iceman::

Well, yesterday we really did not meet, but it was ok, i pretty much called it off. But now seeing what we have accomplished this week, I wish we would have met. Of the 7 models we need done for Monday, from what I have seen, only 1 has any real progress with it. This is not good at all! If any of the models are not done by Monday, a strike will be administered for each model not completely done. I really do not want to fire anyone when we are basically 3 weeks away from needing everything done, but I will do what I must if work does not get done. Archie is busy with the editor and testing things out and learning more about it, as should everyone. I will begin testing out lighting effects on top of my existing responsibilities. I really do not want to have to pick up the slack in the art area if things get behind. We will not be meeting today, but everyone needs to stay on task this weekend, I cannot stress this enough. Because next week, we need to import the models and have them be animated. Then the week after it is testing out all of our mechanics. Then it is bug fixing and finalizing what we have thus far (the complete level). Then after that week, it is the last week. We do not have much time left and we have a lot of work to do. So everyone needs to stay on track. Meetings will be Mon. and Wed. next week (no Tues. or Thurs.), for anyone that does not show up, a strike will also be administered. We all will have to all be here Monday so we can go over the models and see if anything needs to be tweaked and learn how to import them. Archie should have this figured out by then, but you all can try to learn for yourself as well, I will try to learn it as well.

Assignment Breakdown
Archie - Continue to work on prototype area, figuring out some AI, and figure out how to import Maya meshes for Monday meet.
Iceman - Update the MDD, mess with lighting in the editor, try to learn mesh import.
Roman - Complete the three models that you assigned to yourself and we need a new concept for the Creature that incorporates both concepts. We also need a concept of the Female character that incorporates both concepts that are posted. Refer to the MDD on the wiki for the concepts.
Jester and Daniel - Complete the models assigned to you and do some research on the editor, maybe mesh import, or how to place a model over a pre-existing animation rig in source, or how to import a mesh with different layer maps.

And this is for Roman, you have missed every meeting thus far, you need to show up for the Monday meeting 3-6 in the room where we have Prototyping Class.

Also, members that are more than 15 minutes late for class need to start getting here on time. You miss out on lectures, quizzes, and overall work time, not to mention possible essential team decisions. Showing up late 3 times will count as a strike.

So for those members that have strikes (you should know who you are, you know if you missed meetings, class or missed turn-in dates), I'd advise that you be careful. There will be no warning before expulsion from the team. So everyone needs to keep their act together. And if anyone has anything on me, keep track of it. I will not repeat this again, or repeat any assignment that is given out. I post them on the wiki, you just need to find the post here and figure out what you need to do.

This may seem harsh, but we are now entering crunch time basically. No more excuses and no more slacking.

::May 13, 2008 10:05 Iceman::

I just posted the MDD (Media Design Document) as far as it is in development at this time. I will be adding to it over time when more content is available for it. But everyone should check it out and read it, MOST IMPORTANTLY the Naming Convention Section. This is the naming convention we will be using for our files types for this game. Please copy and paste it and save it for yourselves, and take it with you home so you can always reference it to make sure you got the naming convention down. This will be important so this way everyone can add files to folders, and there will be no confusions. I talked with everyone individually so we all know our tasks for the week, basically that is to get our models done for next week.

May 13 , 2008- 10:00 aM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:

::May 8, 2008 11:35am Iceman::

Roman posted new concepts and they are in the concepts section on the flickr page. Me and roman also went through all the concepts this morning, and except for the the female main character, we have chosen what concepts will be in the game and which ones best supported the game's overall design. They are in their own seperate group called 'finalized concepts'. Please look at these so we know what we will be focusing on for the next week. This next week, the art guys will be modeling out these characters. I will help with modeling, but I have to add more to the MDD as well. We can discuss who will be modeling what over the wiki so please post what you feel you can do within the week. If your modeling skills for characters are not that great, take an easier character. We are currently rounding up concepts for the female main character, daniel has one, I am working on one, and Roman will be working on one. From any that are submitted, we will choose. Also, be sure to read my description of her int he GDD and try to follow it to a certain degree. Race or hair color are not yet established. I will update this later tonight or tomorrow with the weekly breakdown of assignments will be, most which will be based from the art pipeline.

May 7, 2008 8:07 <^Aries^>:

Just posted some scientist (regular and bio) concepts on the flikr. I drew a bunch on one page so it's all in the same picture. Check it out when you can.

May 7 , 2008- 4:10 PM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
Hey team juggernaut, put 2 more concepts on the flick. I think we should start choosing which ones were keeping today and make final combination of ideas and final concept if needed. but definitely already choose wht characters we want so we can start modeling asap . because i doubt were gonna have all those characters done by the end of this quarter. but we could try. but me im worried more on the technical parts of the engine, so lets start modeling so we can have something to start with.
here are sum suggestions for the modeling team.
Danny- I liked sum of ur concepts and the main character is good enuff for me, i say roman does the final touches on the main character going on dannys sketches, cuz i suk drawing people.I hate humans. and the rest of u vote in what characters u really like so we cn start modeling em out. Hooyah !!!!!!!

May 6, 2008 8:25pm <^Aries^>

I did some concepts today of different stuff like cryo chambers, escape pod and ship ideas, a possible boss, different styles of females, etc. I posted them on the flickr right now. Might do more later if I can. Let me know what you think. Not sure how good it all fits into the design.

May 6 , 2008- 2:10 PM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
Yea i couldnt go , my leg hurted and couldnt walk , so im not going to the other class either, but good, we have decided its a chick, about time we get sum poon in this story. Ill draw my version of the character, then we can swap ideas for tomorow,. I got source but it took long to load so i didnt play with it yet. lets try to finish this asap cuz i dont wanna go thrusdaysday morning if we have the chance to skip.

::May 6, 2008 10:35am Iceman::


Well as a group, we decided that the main character should be female. Hopefully this brings a little more interest to the game. Granted the view is First Person, so you will hardly see the actual character model, except for in the mirrors in the bathrooms. The idea of playing as a female rather than a male is different change of pace, especially in the type of game we are making. I will paste the actual update here, but I will upload the GDD v1.1 in the file section at the bottom. Here is the small update, it is the main character's short back story. Hopefully this will inspire concepts for her. ALL CONCEPTS NEED TO BE DONE BY WEDNESDAY! WE NEED NEW MAIN CHARACTER CONCEPTS AND SCIENTISTS CONCEPTS AS WELL AS MORE PROPS AND MUTANT CONCEPTS.

Here is the update:

Main Character, PC – Female
Short Back story

She is being held prisoner for counterfeiting, credit fraud, identity theft, and attempted murder. She is very intelligent, for she has evaded capture for over 4 years, while being very active in her lucrative affairs. When she was finally apprehended, she almost killed an officer with his baton, and shot another in the leg. She is 31 years old with an athletic body, not too slender and with some curves. She masks her true self very well by dressing as any normal, middle class woman. She has messy, shoulder length hair and a scar on her left forearm, where the authorities removed an implant that allows the user maximum finger dexterity. This implant was created by the main character and it basically allows someone to manage tasks that normally would require both hands, to do them with one, like typing over 300 words a minute for example.

::May 5, 2008 8:40PM Iceman::

Well we met today, but it was not as productive as I had hoped, but it was not our fault in any way. It took forever for the Source SDK to re-download at school so not much was accomplished. But on the other hand lots did get done. I managed to layout the floor plan for the 3 floors we are using for our game. The Floor Plan is posted on the FLickr account under the Concepts section. Anyway, everyone just keep up working on concepts for wednesday, we need to have all concepts finalized and agreed upon either wednesday night (hopefully so we don't need to show up thursday) or for Thursday if we don't get done early. Anyway, that is all for tonight, I'll see you all tomorrow.

:May 5, 2008- 5:58 PM -<{Archnemesis}>:
The prototype screens are now posted. I also created sets for the screens and concept art to make things a bit easier to navigate. I'll try to work on a prototype of our concept in the Hammer editor to get up to speed on what we absolutely can and can't do.

::May 5, 2008 2:45 Iceman::

Granted I will probably see Jester before he reads this, but this goes for everyone as well as him. Our meetings are just so we can all work together in the same room, and to make sure we are working at all. I posted the assignments that we need to get done by Thursday; that is what we are working on. We are meeting Mon - Thurs until the last week of the quarter. Mon and Wed 3-6ish at the very least. Tues and Thurs from 6 until whenever. We are doing this because meeting on the weekends just hardly works out for any of us. So from here on out, the excuse, "i didn't know we had a meeting" will not work. On Mondays and Wednesdays, we will meet in the room that we have Prototyping in. Tuesday and Thursday, we need to find a room, most likely the open lab. So I will see you there. Here, I will even copy and paste the Assignments again.

Iceman - Will design a detailed floor plan and consult with Roman about which concepts we are deciding upon.
Archie - Will figure out, find out, and learn as much as he can about Source and the Hammer Editor.
Roman - Has to make up the Art Pipeline and allocate work to people. NEED TO HAVE ALL CONCEPT IDEAS DONE THIS WEEK! Modeling needs to begin after this week.
Jester - Work in some technicals with Source (mesh importing) and more concept ideas for scientists, guards, prisoners, and maybe a boss character other than the juggernaut creature. [really like your concepts already, so keep it up]
Daniel - More concept sketches of the same things Jester is working on and dabble in the hammer editor a bit to have a base understanding.

Everyone Should have Orange Box by now, if not, you got until Wednesday (so you have an account set-up for Thursday's class) otherwise it's a strike against you.

And again, if we can manage to get this weeks work done before Thursday, we may not need to show up for class Thursday or to meet Thursday.

May 5 , 2008- 2:10 PM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
im on my way to skewl but dont be surprised if im late, and im not takin stuff. since i dont know what were doin

May 5 , 2008- 11:00 AM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
dudes, i still cant walk lol… it hurts but its like a huge charlie horse on the bones.
I think i wanna use a free day if if its ok with u guys, just tell me what to work at, and during ur meet up update on the wiki so i can know whats going on. If you need sumthing write it on wiki, ill refresh every 15 or so after 3.

May 4 , 2008- 11:30 PM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
I didnt know we had a meeting monday , Im injured, lol. but ill try to make it , not only is my leg messed up but im sore. tell me what the meeting is about asap, before i attend. I might wanna use one of my "Get out of meeting cards" haha. 3 monday ? and for what ? those 2questions

::May 3, 2008 11:10PM Iceman::

First off, nice additions to the layout, whomever did that, props. And to Archie, it is awesome that you posted the gameplay footage. I am slowly, but currently working on the level design layout. Not too far into it, but when I get out of work and get home around 10pm its hard to motivate myself to begin homework at that time. Anyway, tomorrow evening and Monday I will work on it some more. Everyone, just keep up what you are doing and post your progress. Remember, Monday we are meeting at 3:00 in the room where we have Prototyping class. Everyone should be there, if not let someone know. I might as well say it now, but I will remind everyone again on Tuesday, but I will not be able to meet after my Portfolio class on Tuesday, because me and Joe have an appointment to look at an apartment at 4:30 and I will be an hour from school so I will be unable to show up for the Tuesday meet. I hope the rest of you still plan to meet. Anyway, that is where I stand now, I'll probably run into most of you at some point or another on Monday anyway.

:May 1, 2008- 8:16 PM -<{Archnemesis}>:
Great showing today everyone! We definitely need to keep up this pace so that we stay on track. I uploaded the gameplay trailer the page, and I have the pictures from the Prototype as well, so I'll try to get those uploaded to the Flickr page and provide a link to them. Since the Prototype is out of the way, I'll be spending more time with Source engine to find out what were able to pull off. If anyone finds any useful info feel free to pass it along.

May 1 , 2008- 11:30 AM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:
Thought i'd make the member post more clear on the page so i added it as title and stuff but i kinda screwed up the juggernaut piece, can sumone fix it before i fuk it up, also u guys decide if it looks better, but when i read the posts i would have to read what was a post and what wasnt. Just finding ways to better our work…
P.s . If u guys like it try to find a way to center it if u want. its in the table wizard button but i couldnt get it to work.

— _ _ May 1, 2008 _ _—_ _ IZomanM _ _ —

Hello team, just a note on concept art, so far what is being posted will be avaluated on tuesday and voted to be made in a game or not, concept team try to get as much of concept posted online, for our next meeting I should be done with game pruduction dead lines. If anyone has any concept ideas please describe it and we can draw it out!

::May 1, 2008 10:05AM Iceman::

Alright, so things went well for us showing off our prototype. Archie did very well figuring things out and now it is good to see that he has taken over the role of Technical Lead. He has initiative and worked hard on it. Here is the schedule for the next week.

EVERYONE who does not have Orange Box yet, NEEDS TO BUY IT THIS WEEKEND.

Iceman - Will design a detailed floor plan and consult with Roman about which concepts we are deciding upon.
Archie - Will figure out, find out, and learn as much as he can about Source and the Hammer Editor.
Roman - Has to make up the Art Pipeline and allocate work to people. NEED TO HAVE ALL CONCEPT IDEAS DONE THIS WEEK! Modeling needs to begin after this week.
Jester - Work in some technicals with Source (mesh importing) and more concept ideas for scientists, guards, prisoners, and maybe a boss character other than the juggernaut creature. [really like your concepts already, so keep it up]
Daniel - More concept sketches of the same things Jester is working on and dabble in the hammer editor a bit to have a base understanding.

Everyone, keep posting about your progress and keep posting your concepts on the Flickr account.

::INCENTIVE:: If we are all on task by our wednesday meeting, we will not have to come in Thursday morning! So stay on task and get your work done.

April 30, 2008 8:00PM <^aries4985^>:

I posted 8 concept pages on the flickr so you can take a look if you want (didn't see nobody else's but Matt's at the time). I'll have more later. Got other stuff to try to get done too (especially for midterms). I read the GDD a little while ago. I gotta admit that's a lot to come up with in such a short period of time. That's like a script writing final. I like it though. It's interesting and creative. We just got to try to put it together and make it come out as good as it sounds or as close as possible. I got a few ideas that can be added but we'll talk about them later. The name is cool too, especially with knowledge of the meaning.

April 30 , 2008- 3:30 AM /\/\JeSTeR/\/\:

- ship is under way from earth to a neptune prison.
-prisoners cryogenicly frozen till the "incident in the prison station" happens.
- They get un frozen, i say sum prisoners should be dead because of this.
- one big mutant on the loose
- plan is to get out of this prison by getting into an emergency evac pod because the cargo ships are too big and hard to use,broken or something.
- I agree heartedly that fire weapons are not always the answer… knifes are, or anything in the envyronment, pipes and stuff. guard guns are available and good to use on some mutants and guards, but will create attention. I hope we look into envyronmental help to defeat enmies (example: waiting for an enemy to walk under you and u push a crate on it to kill it).
- since you are a prisoner, lets make a the Main Character be an asshole and not care about the other inmates, he can use em as bait or something. just my input on the characters attitude, not that we'll be able to create all this.

Thats what i got so far on my views.

::April 30th, 2008 3:30PM Iceman::

Well our first group meeting outside of class time. Jester and myself are here working. We both are pretty much on task so we will probably just open up the Hammer Editor and start messing around, trying to get used to it. Archie said he would be here at about 4:30ish so that'd be cool. So far none of the concept sketches are up on the Flickr account…except for my quick, half-assed concept for the creature.

go to and then sign in as teamjuggernaut5 and the password, well we all told each other so you should know it, if not, ask someone on the team. We need these pictures up there.

::April 29, 2008 10:40am Iceman::

So I posted a short market research file at the bottom as well. This is just to kind of get a sense of where we are heading with our game design. Also, just reminding everyone that TOMORROW we will begin meeting regularly at school during the week. Everyone is able to make the times I suggested so we will begin tomorrow. We don't have to stay until the school closes, but at least a couple hours to work as a team and see where we are at. Let me, or anyone on the team, know if you cannot make it.

::April 29, 2008 9:26AM Iceman::

I posted the GDD document in PDF format. It is at the bottom of the wiki and everyone should read it all the way through. I chose a title for the game, and in the questions section, I explain why I picked it. The title is still up for debate, so we can fully discuss it later. If you all like it, then cool.

The Flickr account is up and running. Log in to see submitted work.

April 29 , 2008- 9:00 AM /\/\Jester/\/\:

Sweet, next 2 weeks im working on hardwood floor but will have more sketches promised. now i know what im working with , mutants sounds great and my meetings times are good at 6:00 till closing on wed or monday like iceman said and tues and wed after 3……………. Keep voting on days available.

::April 29, 2008 7:50AM Iceman::

Thanks Jester for setting up the Flickr account and posting some work and linking to it. I like the concepts and we will try to incorporate them. My personal vision was more or less just mutated humans, but thats just my outlook. Anyway, what I need from you Jester is the log-in and password so we all can post on that Flickr account. I hope to be seeing more stuff from you and Roman posted on there. So far I like what I see.

And now to address our lack of meeting situation. I know we have jobs (or at least some of us do) on weekends and that makes it really hard to meet here at school. So starting tomorrow we will meet as a team during the week since it seems meeting of the weekend is not going to work out all that well.
My schedule is this for Mon-Thurs:
Mon: Programming 8:00am - 11:00am Tutor in learning Center 12:00pm - 3:00pm Rest of day - Open to meet.
Tues: Prototyping 8:00am - 11:00am History 1:00pm - 3:00pm Portfolio 3:00pm - 6:00pm
and you all know how that repeats, mon is same as wed and blah blah.

But I have been here on Mon. and Wed. until at least 6:00pm from the beginning of the quarter just working on things, this would be perfect time to meet if no one else has anything happening during that time. Soon we will need to meet and stay until the school closes to make sure we are staying on task. Tues. and Thurs. I can easily stay until the school closes MOST of the time. I only say most because sooner or later in May i will be looking at new apartments because I need to move and those or the two days that work out best for me and my roommate, but I will let everyone know when that time comes.

But yeah, everyone let me know if these meeting times work and we need to start meeting as a team and stay cohesive. I know someone may not be able to make every meeting, just let us know ahead of time with a relevant and logical excuse. Otherwise, for every 3 meetings missed without a good excuse, a strike will be given. You need to keep track of me as well.

Anyway, I do stress, we need to meet during the week.

Oh, by the way, yesterday I was really focused and ended up busting out a 18 page first draft version of our GDD.
Hope everyone else is staying on task (I know jester is). I'm sure you all are, I, and the team, just need feedback.

April 28 , 2008- 10:00 PM /\/\Jester/\/\:

hOPE THIS worx…. Need to scan more in

April 28 , 2008- 9:00 PM /\/\Jester/\/\: Tinkered with unreal editor and well, it looks alot like blitz, but i didnt get out of the basics of blitz so then again, there u go. Ican bring a copy of the ditor if u guys want to play with it, or play with it at skewl. but either way i was only playng with the packets it comes with.

:April 28, 2008- 7:39 PM -<{Archnemesis}>:

Just thought I'd update everyone on my progress before tomorrow. I'm putting the final touches on our final prototype for our game. It should demonstrate most of the ideas that we're trying to use in the game (as many as FPS Creator will allow that is) research on the half-life engine is going well and I'll bring in everything that I found out about it tomorrow. I'd say it would definitely be better for us to use than Unreal.

April 26 , 2008- 5:00 PM /\/\Jester/\/\:

Sounds like a plan . im gonna make a photbucket account, never tinkered with flicker. is orange box the easiest ? im trying out unreal tonite, do some research on that . if not i guess orange box it is

::April 24, 2008 11:10AM Iceman::

~~First off I just want to pay homage, today is my late father's birthday.~~

As Producer/Design Lead, I wrote some guidelines and suggestions in concept design. This should be some help if you guys are getting a little stumped or maybe your concepts are getting away from the theme. But ultimately, it is up to Roman's interpretation of what I put down, since he is New Art Director. Him and I shall collaborate since design coincides with concept. By the end of next week, EVERYONE needs to buy Orange Box and get the engine. I suggest getting it ASAP so you can start messing around in it. Here is a breakdown of tasks that need to be accomplished by Thursday next week:

Myself - Work on Design and Start GDD, complete GDD outline
Archie (Master of Software) - Research half-life engine and work on the final quick prototype showcases all of what we are going to try to achieve.
Roman - Work on character concepts for Player, guards, Creature, Altered Humans, scientists, other inmates. Also keep track of Jester's and Dan's progress with their concepts and create Flickr account and link it under FORUM.
Jester - Focus mainly on character concepts (same as Roman). Collaborate with Archie a little (since you want a part in level design)
Dan - Work on Prop and Item concepts that fit into the world we are trying to portray (stuff like keycards, cryo tubes, guards weaponry, items used in puzzles, escape pod, computer consoles)

Also, for when concepting the Creature beast, explain why you have designed it as such. I will do a concept of how I envision the creature since I am design lead, but this will not be the final form. Ultimately that decision goes to Roman on how the creature will look in the end.

Anyway, here is what I got towards the concept creation and design aspect.

-Science Fiction Objective Survival Horror
-Prison Transport Ship en route to Neptune Satellite Station
-Future is run down, dirty, with moderate technology advances (think Alien or Judge Dredd, Total recall)
-Enemies are mostly humans, but setting maintains an experimental lab and tests on prisoners, so there will be some genetically altered humans, or slight mutants, or even humans with insane rage or deadened nerves so they do not feel the pain inflicted on them .
-Main Creature enemy is a huge (like size of hallway) quadruped. It needs to have slight human resemblance in some areas since it was once human.
Main Creature is Strong, Fast, and Very Agile (so maybe a hulking beast or some type that is fast)
Some ideas to go off of: (maybe suggestions, don’t have to use)
Huge, Powerful forelegs
Slight Tail to help with mobility and balance when it is berserking
Single head but absorbed into neck shoulder area
Possible ‘paws’ or maybe a single huge uber deformed human hand
Some reference for Creature (base it off of existing animals )
-Elephant Seal
-Musk Ox
-Alligator Snapping Turtle
You get the picture…

Game Event Flowchart !_! !_! !_!

1. Player is a prisoner and awakens from Cryosleep prematurely to see body parts, giblets, blood, destroyed equipment, flickering lights and broken glass all over the room. This room is where all the inmates were put into cryosleep. The first thing the player sees as the camera focuses is a huge creature barreling out of the room and the player only sees its silhouette.
2. Player is still in containment cell and has to figure out how to get out. (first puzzle)
3. As player leaves that room and searches around, the player finds themselves slightly disoriented and has no idea what is going on. Guards are shooting at you and/or trying to place you back in holding. Player has to hide from these guards. (first iteration of stealth and hiding and introducing the major impact of sound)
4. From hiding and overhearing guards, the player partially learns of what is going on. A specimen creature has become too strong and is on the loose in the ship destroying everything it comes across. Player learns that his/her’s best chance at survival is to reach an escape pod on the ship.
5. As player explores the ship and starts to get a sense of the settings, certain items need to be collected to certain areas. (A keycard for a door, a limb of a guard for a palm scan, a battery to power this certain unit [maybe to cause an environment hazard]). The player will learn what has happened to the creature.
6. By slowing progressing and accomplishing tasks, the player will encounter the creature and will have to trap it temporarily, distract it, hide from it, or injure it with an environmental hazard that it retreats for a bit. Player cannot kill this creature. This can be made apparent early on, whether by a display of power, or guards talking about it, or by finding out information in one of the labs. Each creature encounter will be harder and harder, the creature’s intelligence increases exponentially.
7. Player will discover the escape pods before the end of the game, but they need certain items to get them operational (navigation codes, a power source, computer access codes to prime the pod)
8. Once player has everything to finally get the escape pod operational, there will be one last encounter with the creature. The encounter will start before the escape pod bay; then the player will manage to escape or stop the creature for a short while. The player will then advance to the bay and try to escape but the creature will halt the players escape and the player must create an environmental hazard to distract the creature long enough to board the pod and jettison. This last encounter will be timed, because the creature initiates the pod to start its jettison sequence. (the pod can be jettisoned from inside the pod or from the console in the bay and that triggers a countdown jettison)

If there are any issues with this, let me know, but we got to stick to this pretty much because if we keep changing things we will never get anywhere. Things can be changed if there is shared strong opposition to the idea. But this is our basis and this is what we are working from.

April 24 , 2008- 11:00 AM /\/\Jester/\/\:
(PERSONAL NOTE) looks kinda complex.

April 23 , 2008- 11:00 PM /\/\Jester/\/\:
alien cyborgs? some aliens , some cyborgs, they have a creepy organic feel. the more deformities it has the better, example, no eyes. or no mouth , doesnt have to have razor sharp nails or teeth , just fuked up. but i never put stuff into engines, so i dont know how itll work out for models with 4 hands or somethin.

::April 23, 2008 1:16PM Iceman::

For tomorrow, we just basically have to start coming up with assets for our game. We got the mechanics we need, now we need the know how for them. We are going to be starting the GDD (game design document) this weekend and Grace will be going over that Thursday, but I want us to have a little something to begin with tomorrow. Things like setting, enemy ideas, player ideas. We do not need drawn concepts yet, we just need ideas to put into this GDD, so hopefully what I said is enough to spark some creativity. That is about all for assignments.

April 21, 2008-8:30 /\/\Jester/\/\:
strike 1. lol. assign me something so i can catch up. i need to know what possible engine we will be using so i can have a better idea of what i can do, for now some concepts and level designs. sci-fi horror, i can do that.

:April 22, 2008- 10:43AM -<{Archnemesis}>:


Change lighting a bit more.
Create more tension (better sound effects)
Gun given too early on.

Don't give out a gun too early on (players WILL use it)
Too many Wide open areas decrease tension.
The ambush at the end of the level was a nice touch.
Props or areas to sneak behind would also help the design.
Trigger zones that activate AI might be helpful.

Forced path adds tension and mood.
Level Design was good, as well as lighting.
- good sound effects
-no gun gave u more tension
Incorperating flickering lights or dark rooms?

Story Trigger was interesting
Pacing needed work
Try to limit the amount of props a and pickups in level.
Enemies that "popped out" were surprising.

Additional Notes/Ideas
Using crates to climb away from the "juggernaut"

Additionaly, everyone should start working on things we can put together in our Design Doc. That includes major concepts and themes, gameplay mechanics, concept art and some story (Not vital).

::April 22, 2008 10:22AM Iceman::

Well our prototypes were all played and each had something nice about it, so if we combine all of those good things, we can make this happen. Roman's sound test with narrow and long hallways worked out very well so we need to incorporate that definitely. Archie's idea of showing the enemy, but it cannot get to you, then as soon as you leave the room, you hear breaking glass and it escapes is a nice touch as well. For mine, the random, but sudden ambush character was a nice addition to the tension we are trying to build in our game. Dan's little trigger movie/boss enemy was a good idea as well; we may be able to meld his and mine idea's together, maybe a slight boss character, but with no movie to show a hint, or something. Anyway, when we meld these ideas, it can be nice. Archie has the notes from our tests and will be posting them momentarily. But we also had to delegate job responsibilities, and this is the postings:

Iceman - Producer/Task Manager
Archie - Art Director
Everyone - Level Design Input
Everyone - Technical
Everyone - Some Art (concept, model, texture)

No one wanted to pick up the technical position so we are all going to be responsible for this to some degree. We have not yet decided on an engine yet. We are all going to be responsible for art to a certain degree as well but Archie is the director so he will make sure concepts and work done is cohesive and makes sense in our world. He will also be responsible for art schedules and deadlines. As Producer, I will be doing a lot of the paper stuff, the GDD, keeping track of progress, task management, constantly referring to and updating the GDD if changes are needed, and deadline reinforcement. I also will be the guy Grace goes through to communicate with the group as a producer. We are all responsible for some things and we have to keep the theme common. Sci-Fi and CREEPY, more so than horror and macabre. Something I want to test is trigger spots to alert enemies or events, but FPS creator is limited so we will see how that turns out. I'm out to lunch now.

::April 22, 2008 8:19AM Iceman::

We have to remain professional on this wiki, whether or not you think it is necessary or if it is not your style, then just try harder. We are reflecting ourselves on the internet, a place where anyone can find out anything on anyone! This means employers! It is very possible that they could search this wiki, especially if we have this posted through the school and as a source for our progress. We do not want ourselves to be represented as a whole because one or two are being gratuitous when it is not necessary. Swearing can be okay in context, but that is it, and make sure you keep it to a minimum. You all may disagree with me here, but this is necessary. This can also reflect us through the school, and if an employer asks the school what they think of us or our work habits, and they link them to this page, it could mean bad things for anyone in the team because of stereotypes. So as of now, no more random swearing or posts that have nothing to do towards progress. I really do not want to make this count as a strike, but I am making this a possible factor for such a thing. In a real life workplace, one could easily be fired for such things, and here, the same thing will be instated. This is the precursor to the real-life workplace, and everyone should treat it as such.

April 21, 2008-8:30 /\/\Jester/\/\:

Now we gotta watch our language? hahaha fuck that. what are we, fashion majors. haha.
ill be working on this all nite, so if any of u got yahoo message me.

**April 21, 2008 8:15pm <^aries4985^>

Been working on the FPS stuff all day cuz I had to start all over. I had a bunch of stuff before but I tried to test the level and it said some kind of error and cut off after that (I didn't save before testing). So make sure u save before test running in case you get an error. I wish there was a way to change the size of the characters so u can make one play the big creature. The AI is silly for some actions. I tried to put in some secret area stuff that I was telling Grace about but some things won't act right. Still got some though like walls that can be broke through, windows, vents, etc. I'm still working on adding floors

— _ _ April 21, 2008 _ _—_ _ IZomanM _ _ —

Hey guys! whats up??? Just to keep heads up this is update on what I have been doing. Been working on my level with sound for few hours and downloaded up to 10 sounds of wierd or scary sound effects. so far everythin works well, so tommorow you will beable to test it yourself. Also kind of been getting sick so hope to get all of you sick tom as well! see ya

::April 21, 2008 7:50PM Iceman::

Well I just got done with what one could call a rapid prototype, I worked on it for 7 hours and I could not get the AI scripts I want to work correctly. That, or there is just not what I want in the AI scripts. But anyway, I got a major enemy near the end that guards a key and you are supposed to avoid him. He is powerful and chances are the player will die if they tried to kill it. Some enemies I got so you can sneak past them, others it seems that even though I lowered their visual range, they attack as soon as you enter a room. Couldn't figure that one out. Anyway, I put in a gun to defend against these enemies who seem to attack regardless, there is not a lot of ammo, but that is the point, sneaking instead of fighting. Anyway, I wish I could help on the AI issue, but unless someone knows how to re-code it, I think we are pretty much stuck with what we have. Hope some of you figured out something I couldn't. Anyway, I am done working for today, the prototype is enough to test tomorrow, but we still need to figure out a way to implement this sneaking or visual range for enemies. But FPS creator I suppose isn't the best tool for what we are trying to do. Shadows did not work the way I had hoped they would either, and even though I have no lights in some rooms, you can still see… Hopefully in another more sophisticated engine, we can pull off what we are envisioning.

:April 21, 2008- 06:21AM -<{Archnemesis}>:

Alright, I've been working with my prototype a bit but I seem to be stuck at assigning proper AI to the main beastie. If anyone can make heads or tails of it, be sure to post on the site. Also, I'm not trying to dictate behavior on the site, but it IS important that we act professional and treat this project seriously. This site isn't a random web forum, and it's important to treat it as such. Please try to stay on topic and watch the language.

April 21, 2008-3:00 PM or someshit /\/\Jester/\/\:

yea…. sumone keeps posting pix,
Just woke up. been working on wood floor all weekend. So im starting this shit right now, plus i got a 5 page western civ assignment. annnd sum idiot decided to infect my computer with spyware so i been fixinf that…
WHAT IT DOO ! , ok so we have nothing, i think we definately need those anonymous inspiration pix right about now,fuck professionalism, what are we kids? i say bring the tah tahs . cuz my games plan to have many .
ok now that i spoke my mind, about the project, i should have something tomorow cuz rest is optional for me, one thing about me is that i fuck around too much but i get my shit dun ! so if i get 2 strikes its cuz i wanna. and believe me i'll wanna. hahaha , as for the roles, i can be given any of the first three, i think im a good enuff modeler, i can certainly bring up sum concepts relating to the ambience.AND im not horrible at texturing. so gimme any of these shits as long as i do less programming cuz i hate that shit. and thats my 2 cents. MORE JUGS WOULD FIT OUR NAME… now im getting a beer and gonna start working on this.

:://April 21st, 10:03AM Iceman //::

I have added a forum link at the top here, hopefully anyone visiting can maybe leave some meaningful feedback for us, maybe even the other team in the class. Anyway, I will be here at school today working on the rapid prototype for Tuesday. Sadly I was busy and/or incapacitated this weekend so I got no work done. I will testing out my mechanics in the FPS creator. From 12:00PM - 3:00Pm I will be in the learning center on the 5th floor. After that I will be in the room we have prototyping until I finish my version of the rapid prototype. EVERYONE is required to have something to show and test for Tuesday morning. If not, I will keep tabs, as well as the rest of you should. We need to meet deadlines and since firings are allowed, if you do not keep up, there will be firings. You all should do the same for me as well. If there is no exceptions, we can just do strikes, you fuck up three times and you're out. Of course it is up to the team as a whole what a 'fuck-up' will be, but missing assignment deadlines will definitely be one, especially this assignment due tomorrow.

Soon we also need to delegate jobs for the team soon. We can discuss this in class tomorrow. If you have a preference, post it and explain you think so. We will figure things out soon enough.

Since I am semi-delegating responsibilities, and documenting most things, and trying to keep everyone on track, I feel I will be the task-manager/producer role. If anyone has objections, let me know, otherwise I will assume this role.

We need a lead modeler, lead texture artist, lead concept artist, lead programmer
We all will be participating in all of these tasks, but we need someone to take most of this particular load.

:://April 21st, 8:07 AM Iceman //::

Well after a long weekend, it seems like we are all in the same boat. We seemingly have nothing done as of yet and someone posted another random picture. We cannot have pictures of that nature (not because I am against it, but because it is unprofessional, and by doing this through the school, we need to uphold a certain level of professionalism. This is what Grace has told me so I, we need to enforce it upon ourselves.

April 17, 2008-11:15-<^aries4985^>

Like I said, I don't got a certain story line cuz it's still escape from whatever but I got some things that can be in it.

Whether it's a prison, research facility or bio lab or whatever I think having a big creature (or multiple ones) will really be the biggest action of the game. Have the creature chase the character at random moments in the game. The monster is unbeatable alone with normal weapons and you have to get him to chase you to a certain point if you reach a room where he can be temporarily stopped or blocked off. If there are more than one of these monsters that will be the strongest (and biggest). There can be a smaller one (a little bigger than a human) who can be stopped but has stealth camouflage (able to look invisible) and a shape-shifter one who can be any one of your companions and you wouldn't know. I don't know if we would be able to do all of that but I think if this were a real game it would sell pretty good (along with our other ideas).

:April 17, 2008- 11:02 -<{Archnemesis}>:

Okay, based on the ideas that Grace gave us, this was my concept/scenario.

Setting: Research station
The main character is part of a research team that developed an experimental creature that has escaped. As you were the only person in the room when it escaped, the rest of the organization has held you accountable and you are trying to flee for your life. Just before its dramatic escape however, the creature saw you and wants to kill you as revenge for the painful experiments that have been performed on it. The only way to destroy the creature is to reach an experimental weapon being housed in a separate facility.
You're located on a research station/ desolate place that is also inhabited by other civilians as well as other soldiers. There is a UBER powerful enemy (a "juggernaut" if you will :D ) chasing our main character that cannot be stopped. (Think some parts of Resident Evil Nemesis) You must rely on your abilities to sneak past the main enemy and avoid him at all costs. The main military is also trying to destroy the creature, but your capture is their secondary objective. This also allows for certain situations where you must avoid the creature by intentionally alerting the military to your presence and thereby getting them to attack it. (The creature is, after all their primary objective)

I’ll prototype and develop my concept this weekend and I’ll try to incorporate some of the other various ideas to see what else works and has potential.

April 17, 2008-9:10 /\/\Jester/\/\:

my concept.
Jesters Input:

so scrap the comedy , if it was comedy i was gonna say , the dude had space gas so every 5 min the guy farted and u had to watch your time. but good thing we scraped the comedy.

idea- space sounds good. station is over done, space planet of a different race which have captured you along with your team of 5? why save em ? because one of em is your special daughter (17 of age), this forces you to go back.she is special gifted…. because you all aliens, even the other aliens, but they wanna explore your race the way we disect our animals to know more about em.

game idea- sneaking by alien guards, guards are robots, that way they have a limited amount of vision and senses, it easier to work with , they can only be programed to only see at a 45 degree angle. you can sneak behind them, but if another sees you the robots in that room get notified. depending if sneaking is still determined by chance, then well throw in the human aspect. weapons are aquired through robots you defeat,


( o Y o ) woo !

— _ _ April 17, 2008 _ _—_ _ IZomanM _ _ —

why is my thing between this… 0_0

April 17, 2008-9:10 /\/\Jester/\/\:


( o Y o )

::April 17, 9:02 Iceman::

I commend your contribution Roman, but I hate to say it, your concept is EXACTLY what you proposed at the beginning of the class for a paper prototype, and as a group we voted on three other concepts and ultimately what is going to be a moderate puzzle stealth game, and me and Archie are pushing for a humorous game. So if you (and everyone else) can contribute to that basis, whether you want cats fighting for pork sausage or mold escaping a fridge, anything to give us a direction on to where to take this game. If you strongly appose the mechanics we want to implement, bring it up and we can discuss it as a team. But more than anything now, we need direction and a fledged out concept, but we are currently focusing on stealth through sound and implementing some moderate puzzles.

April 17, 2008-9:00 /\/\Jester/\/\:

roman , im not sure if your ideas are new… yea im the negative nancy here, cept without boobs, speaking of … seems im the one that keeps the inspiration here so SORRY HAD TO EDIT THAT OUT, but it was pleasing! - ICEMAN

— _ _ April 17, 2008 _ _—_ _ IZomanM _ _ —

Hey Guys, just to toss in some fast ideas that can add to our concept I'm going to post my game concept because it is very similar but has few different ideas which we might be able to borrow to make ours more unique from other concepts from past ;p

The Game Concept
The idea of my game is a simple one level of saving your team action pack. You start out as the only soldier that wasn’t captured by enemy; your goal is to rescue your team to be able to take over next level. The only way for you to rescue your team is to get a key from prison which is kept by one of the boss. And there is no easy way around it but to face every enemy unit that is on your way.
In this game you will fight regular enemy units and the special units as well. As a soldier you start out with 15 power points (strength) and you have to gain more power points to face each boss. Each basic enemy unit will give you worth of 1-2 power points, so your power will increase to match first bosses power or surpass in order to kill him/her. The bosses will be with 20, 50, 100, etc power so you have to kill quiet few basic units in order to kill boss and get your key.
Example as seen on map:
You start out with 15 power and first boss you face has 20. You have to kill 5+ basic units to face first boss. There will be rooms with health/weapon packs to help you out face bosses in full strength and with some tools. As you search your way around you will find yourself in tricky situation with health packs that might put you to some extra work. Before you face each boss you would want to find a health pack to heal up and go at him/her but each area will be given only some amount of health packs, so if you over use your aid.. you won’t be able to face the boss.
When you will start to clear your way to the key, you will find yourself in puzzle to find your way to your goal. There will be areas which you wouldn’t want to enter because of overwhelming boss power and areas with major aid packs that will assist as you go on.
The goals you need to accomplish:
• Power up.
• Find the key.
• Find the prison.
• Avoid facing overpowered bosses.

April 17, 2008- _/\/\Jester/\/\: What it doo ! , ok im in , how do i post pix? HTML ? I wanna post sum glitter comments. and those "showing some love comments"

::April 15, 12:32PM Iceman::

We are doing an overhaul on the concept, to a certain
Why? Well it turns out that someone in the past, time traveled into the future, stole my idea a
fter I already had sold it for millions of dollars, went back in time to 2004, and created the Chronicle
s of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay game. So when I thought of it a week ago, it has already been done. The nerve of some people…

Well over a delicious lunch at Caffe Baci, me and Archie came up with an idea and we are going to propose it here for some new perspective on how to achieve our goal for the game, but not sticking to my original concept closely, if at all.

Basically, we figured that we will not go down such a serious path with this concept, and for the most part, the only part of the concept that we really are planning to stick to is the relative stealth through sound, moderate puzzle integration, and the basis that the player is escaping from someplace. That is all you have to stick too! We were discussing a rather comical spin-off of major games that incorporated the mechanics and game play styles that we are incorporating into our own game. Like for example, if spotted by an enemy, and the player hide in a box… the enemy would be like, "don't think I didn't just see you hide in that box!" (Metal Gear Solid) or for another example, trading items to get goggles that allow you to see better in lighted areas. (any game with nightvision). Or having a computer interface AI like Cortana, but her being really fat and having to constantly re-buffer. Anyway, those were just some ideas we were throwing around for a comical aspect to our game. Just try to put some rather unique idea or concept to the mechanics we are still focusing on. Being less serious opens the door for more ideas.

::April 15, 10:25 AM Iceman::

Well everyone, it is Iceman here, since I created the wiki, I guess that makes me the admin, but I made it so members to this site can edit/add pages and content (that includes uploading images [apparently there is only 300mb of space so keep the resolutions at 72x72 to conserve space]).

As for now, we need an actual, brand new, semi-unique, make people really excited when they hear it, idea for a game implement or game mechanic. What we have so far is the following:

Sci-Fi Survival/Horror (possible FPS) genre
Setting (for now): Satellite Prison orbiting one of Neptune's moons
Objective/Premise (for now): Mysterious power outage shuts down all holding cells and all life support systems. Player must figure out a way survive in the prison (by avoiding or confronting enemies, by keeping vitals stabilized) and returning power to the station so that the player can escape the prison.
Mechanic: Sound is a major focus and using that to sneak and to figure out the surroundings is probably our biggest issue currently. We are figuring out to use item upgrades or another means to achieve this 'silent' movement. Or even another means to distract using sound.

Current Objective
For the time being, team members are researching different feign methods online. We also need to figure out exactly what is our game's selling point is. We got a Survival Horror that is Sci-Fi…but what could really make it above the rest and what has not been done before? (or hardly implemented). That is our focus because for Tuesday, April 22nd, we need a prototype of some sort (whether it be in GameCreator or FPSCreator or GameMaker or some other software). It is a rapid prototype and needs to exemplify our major mechanics and see if they work or not. Below I will paste the concept again.

For Visitors to this page, a forum is set-up so maybe we can get some feedback from an outside source, or at least ideas.

Here is the concept…

FPS/survival horror in a Sci-Fi world

The game takes places on a satellite prison to one of Neptune’s Moon where the worst and most demented criminals in the solar system are kept. This is not only a house for humans, there are creatures from other planets of all sizes, strengths and abilities. The PC is a relatively new inmate when the power failure begins. All of the holding cells are now open and inmates are out on the loose. Many guards have died, but the survivors have different views of the PC, some seeking help while others are hostile. While traversing through the prison, the PC has to figure out the power failure, start the back-up generators, and eventually, power the escape pod to leave the prison.

PC has to escape the prison before he dies by returning power to the prison and boarding an escape pod. PC has to avoid or confront enemies, gather oxygen tanks to breathe, gather Body Heat Regulatory Pills to maintain body temperature and not freeze to death, solve moderate puzzles to defeat enemies, and gather items to progress through certain areas.

Some weapons to defend self, using sneaking and/or stealth tactics to avoid notice, finding oxygen and heat pills to maintain survival, specialty items for specific instances within the game, such as an explosive charge or a battery cell. Possible recruitment of help.

The entire prison complex that is an orbital satellite revolving around one of Neptune’s moons.

A couple guns, a melee weapon, oxygen tank, heat pills, various special items to help progress. Player’s own cunning.

The main focus is sound and to be stealthy. If one is walking heavy or running, others nearby can hear the PC and vice-versa.
Gun-fire is loud and will attract attention.
Heat pills can be stored in inventory and saved for use later when needed, while oxygen tanks have to be found each time one is running out.
Some enemies will cross paths and fight each other, others will not confront each other.
Some enemies will ask for help, but can only understand other languages if PC has the wristguard.
Some enemies can only be killed by special circumstances.
Some enemies have poor eyesight and rely on hearing, while others are the opposite.
There is no health system for the PC, it works on a trauma system, compare to Call of Duty or Gears of War. (too much damage at once will kill you, but if you avoid it long enough, you will recover) Same with enemies, some have more or less tolerance than the PC.
Game can be played as a standard shooter or as a stealth survival game.
Each Enemy is unique and there is no more than one of each enemy, each with their own traits, skills, and strengths.

Note: I am sure lots of this will change, but this is where we started and what we have to go off of. Please post and leave any ideas or notes ABOVE the latest post so as to keep the most recent information at the top. For easy searching, just sort of archive your post with the date, time of day, and your name. And remember, post ABOVE the most recent post, and make sure you NEVER delete anything. Just Add to it. So always Copy before Previewing just in case the website acts up.

heading level 1

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License